Putting on a show

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Bulgarian life | 2 comments

How splendid has this autumn been in Bulgaria? The colour of the leaves has been stunning, and because the days are so warm (verging on hot, really), they’ve stayed glued to the trees for much longer than usual.

A few years ago, we had a really hard frost pretty early in the autumn, followed by bight morning sunshine, and I distinctly remember all the leaves fell off the trees in our garden and opposite the house at once. Seriously, like a torrential downpour of leaves. You could hear the noise of them falling from inside the house. Then we had nothing but bare, brown trees until the snow came.

It’s safe to say this autumn has been much more aesthetic than that one. Maybe more beautiful than any other autumn in the 11 years we’ve been here. My family were visiting last week and I really feel they saw the Bulgarian countryside at its best. So thanks, Bulgaria, for putting on a good show for them. I was very proud. And thanks climate change, I guess, for making October feel like June. Good, er, work.

It’s coming to an end, though, autumn. The days are still warm. (Outside, that is. We aren’t using the woodburner yet, so the house is freezing. Picture poor little me, sitting at my desk, bundled up in big jumpers, while Rob is working outside in shorts and a t-shirt!) But there are more and more leaves on the ground. Our garden path is giving distinctly crunchy vibes at the moment. And driving over the mountain road between Pravets and Etropole yesterday, the colours were definitely more muted. Winter is coming.

That’s okay, I feel ready. We’ve enjoyed a long autumn of sightseeing, getting out in nature, carving our David Pumpkins, toasting marshmallows over a fire in the garden, and watching lots of spooky movies. It’s been almost sickeningly wholesome. Like an episode of The Waltons (if the Walton family swore a lot, drank soya milk and wore sweatpants).

Now, I’m craving the darker atmosphere of winter. I’m ready for short days and snowy walks (that’s if we even get any snow this winter – the way the climate is going February may feel like September). I want to see my breath in the air. I want to put on a coat when I go outside, inside of stripping off layers of clothes to go outside, as I am at the moment.

I’ll leave you with a picture of our David Pumpkins from this Halloween. (Not homegrown. We only grew butternut squash this year.) Before anyone accuses me of being a mad cat lady, the cute cartoon cat is Rob’s design, thank you very much. Mine’s the evil pumpkin. Reflecting my dark, dark, winter-loving heart.


  1. Katt

    gosh I envy you, however I have a pre operation appointment next week which could mean a new knee before Christmas and a move to our Bulgarian home in the new year hurrah.

    • Auntie Bulgaria

      Well, that’s good news. Good luck with the appointment!


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