It snowed without me

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Greetings from the UK where I have been mostly screeching about the price of everything and wondering why there are so many people everywhere. So, you know, my standard UK experience.

It doesn’t even feel that Christmassy here, and that’s my main reason for coming at this time of year (sort some Christmas presents for the family, coo at the Christmas lights, scoff Christmas-themed sandwiches and mince pies, etc.). I’m not sure why it’s lacking in Christmas atmosphere this year – maybe it’ll ramp up in December. Personally, I’m more than ready to embrace Christmas. Time has gone crazily fast lately, too bloody fast, but by this point I don’t care – just bring on the Christmas, please and thank you.

And just to rub it in, Bulgaria has gone and had its first snow without me. The bastard. Not a lot of snow down our end of the village (we always get off lighter than further up the village), but still, that first snow, even if it’s just a sprinkling, is special. We have so many trees around us that even when there’s hardly any snow on the ground, the white branches look beautiful.

On the plus side, I did buy an old Elvis Christmas album for a fiver. I love rummaging through the charity shop record selections whenever I’m over. In amongst the Richard Clayderman and James Last, I can usually snap up a few soul or Motown classics. Or the odd John Denver album. (I LOVE John Denver. Don’t ask me why. I could just listen to him all day while gazing at his wholesome smiley face. Go figure.)

And I have eaten my fill of excellent vegan food, so that’s another bonus. (Shout out in particular for Marks and Spencer’s Plant Kitchen chocolate chip cookies. I wish I could fill my suitcase with them.)

So that’s about it really. Not much to report, other than I’m looking forward to getting back in the Bulg and hunkering down for Christmas. We’ve got some DIY to do before we can get the Christmas decorations up (a bit of replastering in a few places, then a fresh coat of paint for the kitchen), and I don’t think we’ll even bother putting up a tree because we have three kittens and one of them in particular is an annoying tornado who just will not quit. But we’ll string up some lights and garlands, make a wreath, bung some stuff in the windows, etc. All while listening to Elvis crooning some Christmas numbers. Can’t wait.

Are you feeling Christmassy yet? Is it too early to mention it? What will you be listening to as you decorate the tree? I need details.


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