126. Desperately seeking colour

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Bulgarian life | 3 comments

The spring tease really was just a tease. It snowed again (obviously) and has been snowing lightly for several days. The only colours around are white and grey. Beautiful though it is, I’m starting to feel like I live in an old photograph. Or a bleak Danish drama. Or any French film, ever.

I swear these are unfiltered, colour photographs of the views around our house. While you ‘enjoy’ these, I’m off to put on a beret and smoke a pipe. May as well get into the spirit of it.

What is life without pain?


Suffering is like the sweet taste of honey on my lips.


Would you like some brie?


Where is the discotheque?


Time weighs heavy on my soul.


Gerard Depardieu.


In the darkness, a lone candle shines brighter.




  1. Auntie Bulgaria

    Indeed. I think it's because grey reminds us of home!

  2. Cherry

    Maybe getting a rose tinted glasses would bring back a colour.


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