23. We’re off to Bulgaria! Maybe.

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Some proper Bulgarian snow…


Sorry readers for the lack of updates lately – it’s been a hectic week.

Great news: We have an appointment with the notary in Bulgaria for Friday morning – that’s this Friday 3rd December. This is the formal completion of the purchase – so all parties will be there with the notary, we’ll all have to sign paperwork and then Rob and I pay the money. At which point, the house will be legally ours.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters, the bank wouldn’t guarantee our money transfer would arrive in time, so we’ll have to do a cash transaction. Scary!

Then, we’re due to fly out at 6.30am on Thursday 2nd. But today (Wednesday) Gatwick closes for the entire day because of the snow. At the time of writing, EasyJet is saying our 6.30am flight will still go ahead tomorrow, yet Gatwick’s twitter feed says they anticipate more heavy snow overnight and for the disruption to continue. We can’t risk our flight being delayed or cancelled.

Where does this leave us? It leaves us paying over the odds for a BA flight out of Heathrow at the last minute! Heathrow, for now, is unaffected by the snow.

So everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed that a) we even make it to Heathrow, b) Heathrow remains unaffected by snow, c) we arrive in Bulgaria in good time to buy our house, and d) the EasyJet Gatwick flight does indeed get cancelled so we can get our money back! Oh, and we’d also like to make it back home okay on Saturday.

So stressed. My eyes feel about ten times too big for their sockets and I practically have steam coming out of my ears.

More news to follow upon our (hopefully) triumphant return…


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