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Not a long post from me today as I’m trying to keep the holiday feels rolling, and sitting at my laptop is seriously cramping my vibe, man. But I wanted to pop in and tell you to go to Parga, Greece, where we’ve just been on holibobs.

Now. Go now. Or better still, go in September when the crowds have subsided. (Yes, Parga was heaving, but very COVID safe, with good spacing on the beaches, and everyone wearing masks indoors – and plenty of people even wearing masks outdoors.)

Parga is a gorgeous, Venetian-style seaside town on the western mainland of Greece, with a bustling old town and plenty of beaches that can be reached on foot or via water taxis. It’s opposite the small island of Paxos (which we also visited. Stunning) and a little bit down from the island of Corfu. All of which makes it a bit of a mission to get to from Bulgaria, by car that is. (Google Maps said between 7.5 and 8.5 hours, but I think we can all agree Google Maps fucking lies. More like 10 hours with border queues and traffic at toll booths. AND we left at 3am, so were hardly travelling at peak times.) But listen, it’s worth it. And if I’m telling you that – someone who’s completely coddled by village life and finds driving on the Sofia ring road to be a bit of a ballache – it must be true. Don’t let the distance put you off. Go.

I’ll tell you more about our adventures next time. But for now, here are some pictures of beautiful Parga. As always, click to enlarge and view as a slideshow.


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