Out in the garden – a photo essay

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‘Photo essay’ being a grandiose way of me just inserting a load of pictures instead of crafting a logical collection of words. (It’s Friday. It’s sunny. We’re barbecuing. Who wants to be inside typing?)

Here goes…

In the veg garden

Pepper sizing up the garden.


The veg garden is beautifully full this year, with lots of flowers as well as edibles.


Gladioli (for cut flowers) and calendula among this year’s stonking beetroot.


Exciting new crops for this year: sweet potatoes (which we’ve not grown for years); our first kaffir limes;
a wild-and-woolly-looking potato patch (spuds not being something we normally grow);
and our first attempt at green beans.


Plus a few old favourites: purple sprouting broccoli; tomatoes; grapes; this year’s garlic harvest;
the first butternut squash on the vines; and monster courgette.


In the flower garden

And to think we never gave a toss about flowers until a few years ago…


Meanwhile, the rustic greenhouse project continues

I mean, what can I say, it’s huge. And it’s so far behind schedule, Rob’s had to plant the tomatoes and build around them!





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