Back in the saddle

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White trees on a snowy walk.


Happy New Year to you, dear reader. And welcome to Auntie Bulgaria 2020, which will no doubt be pretty much the same as Auntie Bulgaria 2019. Cats. Snow. Wonky stuff in the garden. The usual.

So how was it for you, the whole Christmas thing? We feasted. Christmas Eve there was fondue, bubbly and Bill Murray (in Scrooged, which we watch every Christmas Eve and always, without fail, get emotional at his closing speech: ‘I believe in it now. I believe it’s gonna happen to me now. I’m ready for it.’ *sniffle*). Christmas Day there was baked ham, bubbly and, oddly, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey in the evening (not a tradition, just something we fancied watching). And Boxing Day (or Pie Day, as it’s known in our house), there was the annual ritual pie, comprised of whatever’s leftover from Christmas dinner.


Pie Day chaos.


What’s better than one pie? Two pies, of course.


That’s about it really. We were given some lovely books for Christmas, so spent most of our time keeping warm, reading about food and mountains, and stuffing sausage rolls in our mouths while the cats lolloped around us. Can’t complain.


It’s extremely tiring being a cat.


Three out of the four cats in an uncharacteristic love-in.


Do I feel ready for a new year, hell, a new decade? Not really, if I’m honest. Mentally, I’m still curled up in my biggest cardigan, looking forward to a day of reading, watching and eating. Physically, I’m at my desk looking at this week’s deadlines. I really need my brain to get off the sofa, out of the snuggly cardigan and into work mode. So far, it’s not cooperating.

But now, to the real purpose of this blog post: pictures of January snow. Enjoy!








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