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We’re always so grateful when friends and family come to visit us. Much as we love it here, we’re well aware that a random village in Bulgaria isn’t everyone’s idea of a top holiday destination.

That means we treat any visitors like the Big Deal that they are. Neatly folded guest towels? Check. Over-catering? Check. Constantly offering them a drink every five minutes? Check. Buying enough alcohol to fuel an 18–30s holiday? Check. Planning activities for every morning, afternoon and evening like it’s an Everest expedition? Check, check, check.

But you know what? Sometimes the best holiday moments for visitors are when you’re chilling in the garden, after a lazy morning at the pool, making homemade pizza and helping the kids (theirs, not ours) toast marshmallows. Because, sure, a random village in Bulgaria may not be everyone’s idea of a top holiday destination – but it’s what they’ve come all this way for. To see where we live, to marvel at the village sheep herd, and all those little, uniquely Bulgarian things.

A few pics from our friends’ visit last week…


It certainly helps to have a beautiful, big-ass pool nearby, especially when the temperature tips
over into the thirties. This is at the RUI hotel and golf resort in Pravets, just over the mountain from us.


Prohodna (Eyes of God) Cave in Karlukovo is a must-see.


Any excuse to make like tourists in Sofia.


Makeshift fire pit in the garden.


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