Gardening bore, May 2019

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Still flying solo here for another few days while Rob finishes his trip to England. And it’s starting to wear thin now. The novelty of having the house to myself for a few weeks has been replaced with a sore back (from gardening), cracked hands (from washing up – I’m normally the drier-upper), and general lethargy (pasta? again? oh good).

Anyway, here are some lovely pictures of the garden, which is both a joy and a horrendously high-maintenance diva at this time of year. Seriously, it’s the Mariah Carey of gardens. I’m exhausted.


Slightly revamped veg garden with new edging for the beds. I’ve planted out some veg
since this picture was taken, so it’s now a lot less bare.


Hurrah for Wonky Polytunnel 2019! Currently housing four tomato varieties and
some aubergines, and sheltering some seedlings down at the end.


View from the veg garden into the flower garden, aka Mad Old Lady Cottage Garden.


More of the flower garden.


More plants waiting to go outside.


Enjoying the terrace before he went back to England.


The things I have to deal with while he’s off on his jollies.


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