177. Snow day, the Bulgarian way

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Bulgarian life | 6 comments

How’s this for a short post? Yesterday we had breakfast wine and pork fat with the neighbour, and went for a walk in the snow. Oh, and a hawk flew over our heads.

And now, snow pictures…


I love it when it’s so cold (-9C yesterday morning) that the snow
sticks to the trees like icing sugar.


Village river starting to ice up.


That’s our house poking through the trees!


In the spirit of our usually mild autumns, I’ve been flat-out refusing to wear a coat until December 1st.
My bodywarmer just about staved off hypothermia yesterday.


Majestic walnut tree.


Snow, snow, snow.


Did I mention the snow?




  1. the hippopotamus

    Snow fun, Claire! Your photos are brill, as always.

    With the onset of Snowmaggedon, I am just glad that I bought some winter tyres, just in time. The new central heating system seems to be doing its thing properly, thank goodness. The BIG news is that I have a new job in Sofia, at St. George's International School, but I will not be starting there until the New Year.

  2. local alien

    Love your blog. Interesting to read about life over the boarder. I was going to comment on your weevils and bugs, will do so here
    In the summer I always drive the flour and keep beans and lentils in the fridge. Just one of those things . I'm sure it's something to do with less refined goods. Better for you? Maybe with out the added protein.
    I have noticed over 40 odd years that bugs are getting fewer, specially the ones that float on the macaroni

  3. local alien

    Seive the flour, spell checker changed that twice damn it

  4. Auntie Bulgaria

    Yes, we also got our winter tyres on just in time! Congratulations on your job. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the New Year.

  5. Auntie Bulgaria

    Thanks, always great to hear from a new commenter. I've never sieved the flour unless I'm baking, maybe I should start. But we do store our flour in glass jars to keep moths' eggs at bay. Fun, fun, fun. That pasta experience was gross. I nearly vommed into the pan!


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