153. Christmas and New Year in pictures

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Food wanker

I mean, I hate to be a dreadful food wanker, but just look at all the lovely things we ate and drank over the festive period.


For the last 11 years, Christmas dinner has consisted of turkey and all the trimmings.
This year we went all Scandi: beef with garlic and dill potatoes and pickled red cabbage.


In our house, the official name of Boxing Day is ‘Leftover Christmas Dinner Pie Day’
(Pie Day for short). This year, due to lack of Christmas dinner leftovers, we made
a layered pie with ham, sausage meat, cabbage and apple. It was a good Pie Day.


New Year’s Day breakfast: shakshuka, flatbread and, still desperately clinging on to the festive vibe, prosecco.


Beetroot, orange and walnut cake. To be honest, it was a bit too vegetable-y for my tastes
(and I say that as someone who loves carrot or courgette cake). But, still, it makes a pretty picture.


We’re developing a bit of a martini habit. Don’t tell anyone.


We escaped to Sofia for a night of civilisation and this is the ONE picture we took.
Yeah, it’s a turmeric latte. It tasted exactly how you’d expect turmeric and milk
to taste. I’m still debating whether I liked it.


Cat bastards

Our cats get really annoying once the clocks go back and start squawking for their evening meal (given when it gets dark) from around 1pm. Here they are passive-aggressively staring at the door, waiting for their favourite human to come in and feed them.


Exercise and fitness

Hahahaha, as if. Over Christmas, our main activities consisted of…


He made a very interesting sound when he opened this gift. Not unlike a sex noise.


Pepper all quizzed out.


Went for a walk in the mountains around Boikovets. Fitness-wise, it was a bit of a spanking.
We’ve clearly lost a lot of the fitness we built up for our Rodopi walking holiday. Tsk tsk.


But at least we snapped this fine picture, in which it looks like I’ve just been beamed down from heaven.
#AngelsWithBlackBobbleHats #Legwarmers

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  1. the hippopotamus

    Great! More please!

    We are still in China, but we are planning our escape to BG in the summer.


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