138. Sun in Sozopol

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If you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet, it’s because last week we pootled off to Sozopol for a little break with my family, and this week I’ve been generally readjusting to non-holiday life. Last week I was rolling out of bed and into the pool before eating a lovely cooked breakfast. This week I’ve been rolling out of bed and trying not to trip over any cats before eating, if I’m lucky, a boiled egg while hunched over my keyboard. Glam.

Here are some pics from beautiful, sunny Sozopol.



Our lovely villa…

View of the sea from the pool. We saw dolphins on our last day. (I mean, I wasn’t that excited by the dolphins because, personally, I find them creepy and am pretty sure they’re evil. But the fact that we saw dolphins seems like the sort of holiday anecdote you should tell.)
Nifty outdoor seating area.


And, OH MY GOD, I have to tell you about the bonkers, bonkers, batshit crazy, bonkers Ravadinovo Castle…


Yes, it’s a newly built Bavarian castle. In Bulgaria. We were greeted at the entrance by a King who told us it was ‘tradition’ to have our picture taken with him so we could buy it for 5 leva as we left. They even put it on a fridge magnet.


I mean, they really went to town on the place. Sadly, you can’t go inside as it’s still being built.  But I cannot WAIT to go back one day and see what they do to the interior. I’m picturing Camelot crossed with Posh and Becks’ wedding. You?
I can’t tell you how much I loved it there.
They even had real (and very sharp) weapons left lying around for visitors to play with.
This is the Grecian bit, obviously. Look, you should just go. It’s the best 10 leva I ever spent in my life.


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