137. Soggy

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From what I can gather from Facebook, emails, etc. it’s been glorious in the UK lately. Lucky old them. It’s still cold and rainy here and I’m getting really cheesed off with it. I mean, spring is usually quite wet and very stormy (which I love), so I don’t mind the rain so much. It’s the temperatures that are baffling me. As I’m writing this (just before lunchtime), it’s about 14°C. The ‘high’ temperature forecast this weekend is 16°C. Them’s March temperatures, not end-of-May temperatures.

If we don’t get some warmth and sunshine soon, I feel like my bones will leak out of my body in a kind of disgusting chalky milk. Also, I have toothache and foofache (too much info? Never!) and am generally feeling a bit blurgh, all of which I’m blaming on the weather. Thankfully, the forecast is looking much better after this weekend, which is just as well seeing as it’s fucking June next week.

Sorry, I hate being one of those Brits who obsesses about the weather, but I can’t help it. It’s obviously hard-wired into me. Let’s cheer ourselves up with some pictures from one of the sunny days last weekend…


Calendulas and carnations grown from seed and waiting to go out in the borders.


I managed to take quite a few cuttings from my dahlias this year.
Here’s one of them doing very nicely. I do love a free plant.
This cat is really enjoying life, snoozing on the day bed in the summer kitchen.
So is this man.
I realise this is a picture of a floor tile, but the joy of seeing some actual nice tiles in
Etropole was so great I had to mark the occasion with a photo. Life’s been a bit quiet lately.


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