121. The snow keeps coming

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Bulgarian life | 0 comments

After a few sunny days, the snow had melted down to just a couple of inches. Then this happened…


The apple tree covered in fat blobs of snow.


A respectable 40cm.


Up to his knees in it.


So, we’re back to deep snow, and it’s not getting boring at all, she said, with an exhausted, ragged sigh. It’s snowing again now and there’s more predicted over the next 10 days, which is clearly terrific news. Just terrific. Still, at least the predicted low temperature of -22°C didn’t happen over the weekend – instead, we were treated to a tropical (not tropical) -18°C on Saturday night.


Snow piled up at the side of the road.


The village road completely ungritted for the first time in years.


We’re sporting some very impressive/deadly icicles, which probably means our
guttering is fucked. Ah, the joys of being a homeowner.


I think we can all agree we’ve reached that part of the winter where we don’t really go out, unless it’s to go next door or to the village shop. In theory, the road is perfectly driveable with good winter tyres, but the weather has been so unpredictable (people trapped in cars for 24 hours, roads closed at short notice, drifting snow, etc.) that it’s not really worth it unless you’re desperate. Rare though it is to see me driving in snow, we keep a shovel, snow chains and sleeping bag in the car, just in case.

As life over the next few weeks is likely to consist of lighting the woodburner, feeding the woodburner, and working on my laptop as close to the woodburner as is reasonably possible (I’m two feet away from it right now), it’s fair to assume the blog might get a bit boring for a while. Feel free to request certain topics. Failing that, I’ll just start making stuff up.


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