78. Gardening bore

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This one goes out to Mike, who will soon be back in the gardening groove. Have fun, sir.

You might remember last year we overhauled the veg garden: creating raised beds, laying a stone path and adding a rustic stick fence. We were pretty pleased with it at the time but, I have to say, I’m really pleased with how it’s looking one year on. It looks like it’s been this way forever, whereas last year it looked a bit weird – too shiny and new perhaps.

Without the ball-ache of having to build the damn veg garden, this year’s gardening has been much more enjoyable. As a result, Rob has finally caught the gardening bug and realised what I’ve been wanging on about all this time. Now, he obsesses over his tomato plants daily – much like a kindly pimp watching over his vulnerable sex workers. (Yup, I’m pretty sure that’s how the whole prostitution thing goes.)

We’ve had a rainy summer so far and, after last year’s tomato blight, we’re not taking any chances this year. Rob has built plastic coverings for the two tomato beds. (So, if you’re wondering what the ugly plastic sheeting is for in the pictures, that’s it.) It’s working a treat so far and it looks like we’re in for a good crop.

We’ve already got courgettes, potatoes, mustard greens, beetroot and cherry tomatoes. We had great rhubarb a few months ago. And, still to come, we have big pink tomatoes, yellow plum tomatoes, kale, sprouts, parsnips, swede, butternut squash, Jerusalem artichokes, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. Next year, finally¸ we should be able to eat our first crop of asparagus! Sadly our fruit trees are not very productive this year because of all the rain and hail storms, but hopefully we’ll get a good amount of grapes off the vines.  

Most exciting of all, Rob has started work on our summer kitchen. We’re turning what was a dilapidated old barn into an outdoor cooking, dining, seating, and BBQ space. It’s going to be epic…when it’s finally done…in time for Christmas…maybe. Pictures of work in progress to follow next time.

In the meantime, do indulge this old gardening bore. Thanks darlings.


We’re attempting aubergines in pots this year.


Monster Jerusalem artichokes.


Monster parsnips.


Monster courgette plants. Spot the theme.


We grow our squash plants upright, along a trellis to save space.
The fruits look amazing hanging down off the fence.


Sweet potato starting to creep.


The tomato cave.


These will grow up to be Bulgarian pink tomatoes.


Rose. Creeping thyme beneath. Sunflower in progress.




Golden beetroot.


Cherry toms. Or, as I like to call them, Rob’s bitches.


70s aerial shot. Natch.


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