42. A brief update on our adventures

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Gosh, it’s been a while since I was last in touch. Sorry.

Three weeks ago we drove from the UK out to Bulgaria with a car full of stuff, breezing through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece and finally Bulgaria. We stopped along the way – one night in Germany, two nights in Venice, 24 hours on a Greek ferry and two nights in Greece. A blow-by-blow account of the journey will follow in good time but here’s a brief rundown in numbers to whet your appetite:

1,200 miles

7 days

2 ferries

One brief trip on a towtruck 🙁

5,000 calories in Haribo

4 full tanks of fuel

3 cigarettes!

The builders have been busy at the house. We now have plumbing and a septic tank, a bathroom (well, a toilet and shower – bath and sink to follow soon I hope), new electrics, a hot water boiler, a fixed roof, all the pipework for a central heating system, one new ceiling (replacing a water damaged ceiling in the upstairs hallway) and two new windows. It’s much more comfortable and liveable than when we were last there. Hot water and toilet/shower facilities make all the difference. There’s still an awful lot to do, some particularly big jobs before the winter. We need to choose and fit the radiators and woodburner, we’ve still only got an outdoor staircase and we have no kitchen to speak of. Currently our kitchen consists of a kettle and camping stove on a wooden plank! Oh, and we’ve got a new fridge – our first major purchase for the house. It looks a little out of place in all its shiny white glory, but never mind. We had a lovely week just chilling at the house, spending time in the village and nearby town, getting to know folk, and doing lots and lots of cleaning! And now the hard work on the rest of the house starts…


So happy to see this when we arrived at our house!


And the Spirit of Burgas festival was freaking brilliant, a lovely weekend on the beach with fab music and cheap beer! I’m sure we’ll be going back next year. I think it deserves a post of its own, so watch this space.


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