41. And we’re off…

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Our car is not this small. But almost.


In a few days we’re loading up our tiny car and driving to Bulgaria!

We’ve packed some essentials to take with us: two boxes of kitchen gear; two suitcases of clothes; computer; bedding and towels; some books (Bulgarian and DIY books!); and our trusty satnav. It’s going to be a squeeze fitting it all in our not-so-roomy Ford Puma, and I’m a bit worried about weight. But fingers crossed we, and our possessions, will make it there fine. The rest of our stuff, which is still in storage, will follow later once the house is in a fitter state.

Now for the fun stuff: our route. We’re heading off from Dover early Friday morning and spending Friday night in Germany with family. Then we leave Germany early on Saturday morning and make the 9-hour trek down to Venice. We’re spending two nights in Venice – which is very exciting as we’ve never been to Italy before. Then, on Monday evening we get the ferry from Venice to Igoumnitsa in Greece – a full 24-hour ferry ride! Tuesday night will be spent in Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. Finally, on Wednesday we’ll make the 4-hour drive up into Bulgaria and to our house.

We’re certainly taking the scenic route but it should be a fun trip. Speak to you when we get there!


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