Planted up, garden zen

by | Jun 21, 2023 | Gardening bore | 0 comments

I knew if I moaned about the weather (see previous post) it would improve instantly. Tis the way of it. This week has been sunny and hot and settled – and finally the garden gets a rest from the grey skies and snail army. It’s a chance for plants to put on some real growth. Because, yes, most things are quite a bit behind where they would normally be at this time of year. The courgettes, butternut squash and tomatoes are, I’d say, a month behind. My kales are still tiny and vulnerable, the size they would normally be in May.

Not everything is behind. We’ve been eating daily nasturtium salads for a while, and have started picking broad beans. The dwarf beans are about to start cropping. The raspberries are ripening, and we had an alright crop of strawberries (quite a few rotted off in the wet weather, but we had enough for eating and a small batch of jam).

At least everything is planted out, and I’ve managed to get something in each of the veg beds. Even if I did have to make emergency sowings after the snail army munched my first round of seedlings. And, sometimes, the second round of seedlings. Even if we did have to buy in several plants from the market (lots of tomato plants, and some white cabbages to replace half of my sad kales). I even found some sweet potato plants at Lidl, which I nabbed excitedly. (I used to love growing sweet potatoes but haven’t bothered for a few years. Can’t think why.)

That’s it, then, there’s nothing more I can do. There are no more spare plants left. From here on out, the garden is on its own. (Well, apart from weeding and watering.) What makes it, makes it. What doesn’t, doesn’t. I have arrived at a place of supreme acceptance. Garden zen. What will be will be.

Until the next blog post, when I’ll be back on here complaining about snails again.


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