Spring tease 2019

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We’ve had our afternoon coffee out on the back terrace for the past three days, and it’s been heavenly. Sat on the bench, against the sunny back wall of our house, it was baking. I can’t remember ever having coffee breaks outside in short sleeves in February.A few snowdrops, primroses and crocuses are in flower in the garden. (Hello, Gardening Bore 2019!) All four cats have been enjoying playing around us on the terrace. And our next-door neighbour has started preparing his veg beds.


Miss Pepper basking in the sunshine (and, as usual, not looking best pleased to see me).


So it’s feeling very spring-like this week. Don’t be too jealous of our spring sunshine, though. The weather forecast says it’ll hit -10C this weekend before warming up again next week.

The big question is, when shall we sow our tomato seeds? Our neighbour Stanka has already sown hers – she always sows on the same date in February, whereas we usually sow anytime between mid-February and mid-March, depending on the weather.

I reckon we’ll sow sometime in the next week. You? Isn’t it strange to think we’re about to start sowing this year’s veg already? This winter has flown by. It’s like I blinked on Boxing Day and the next second it was spring.


  1. Katt

    So there's hope for me then arriving early March to an unheated house( in the Burgas area). I am hoping for warm days and cooler nights when I can snuggle under the duvet. During the day I'll be sowing seeds, cleaning the summer rooms ready for new flooring but you never know there may be decent flooring under all the sandy like stuff that is currently covering the floor, getting builders in to give prices on a range of basement works, paying the council tax, buying white goods and generally having a good time.

  2. local alien

    Same weather where we are. Cold weather will hit us this weekend down in greece, meanwhile kids are swimming. Hardy youngsters.
    Think I'll start my tomatoes next week as well once the sun comes out again.
    Saw our first spring flower yesterday

  3. Auntie Bulgaria

    It's nice and warm here during the day right now, so hopefully your seeds will do well. We get our toms started on a sunny, indoor window sill. Good luck on your trip. Enjoy!

  4. Auntie Bulgaria

    We start ours off indoors as well, and they don't move out to the wonky polytunnel until they're able to cope with the colder nights. Basically, every window sill in our house is covered with pots of seedlings by early April. It's a nightmare! Maybe yours is the same…

  5. Auntie Bulgaria

    Swimming outdoors at this time of year is hard core/nuts! Good luck with your toms this year. We're sowing this week.


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