148. Vegetable-related OCD. Snow. The joy of rustic toilets

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Excuse the incoherent ‘here’s some stuff we’ve done’ nature of this blog. It’s gone 5pm on a Friday and a large vodka awaits…

As the nights are so cold now, I harvested all our butternut squashes the other week, then spent a happy 10 minutes arranging them in descending order of size. I honestly don’t care how crazy that makes me sound.


I mean, how can you not love this? No, *you* should seek psychological help.


They still make me happy every time I walk by them. They’ll stay here on this super-sunny windowsill until the skins have hardened, then we’ll move them into the pantry. (I desperately need a pantry extension!)

Important courgette news: two of our plants are STILL GOING. Admittedly, they’re only offering up four or five courgettes a week, but, still, it’s freaking October. How are they not dead yet? Here are three fruits I picked just yesterday (12th October). They’re a pretty decent size considering they shouldn’t exist.


These do not exist. Except they do. My brain hurts.


Last weekend (a stinker of a rainy weekend, with guests), we made our first ever batch of pickled onions. The jar in front is a large mayonnaise jar, just to give you an idea of how preposterously big the jar behind is. Seriously, it wouldn’t look out of place on a chip shop counter. I wouldn’t mind, but I can only manage one pickled onion each Christmas before being engulfed by the fiery hell of indigestion. Rob swears he’ll eat the lot. Time will tell.

Feel the burn.


Speaking of preposterously large things (tsk, get your mind out of the gutter), we bought some comically big leeks. Actually, they’re pretty typical for Bulgarian leeks, but it’s unusual to see such bigguns available this early.

Leggy leeks. And some legs.


We saw lots of snow on the Stara Planina while out and about this past week. It’s not unusual to see a light dusting of snow on higher ground in October, but that (she said in disgust) is not a light dusting. That is a Shit-Ton of Snow (technical mountaineering term).

That’s just fucking outrageous for October.


If you like pictures of delightfully rustic foreign toilets, you’re going to love this bad boy. Spotted on an eco trail near Lukovit. Yes, reader, I used it.


I had a good look down the hole, too. Underneath was a stack of tyres.


Finally, about 100 metres from the delightfully rustic toilet was a graffiti-covered picnic area. It seems Rob and I have teenage Bulgarian namesakes frequenting the same places as us. Cool.


Klara and Bobby, August 2017.


And now, vodka…


  1. Neli

    When is the squash party going to be???

  2. Auntie Bulgaria

    Whenever you have time to come down from the mountains, Neli! You can bring the patatnik x

  3. Unknown

    Omg need those pickled onions hun xx


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