129. Happy International Women’s Day (I’ve got manflu)

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As usual when the seasons change suddenly, I’ve got a raging cold. I’m asthmatic and, as anyone with asthma knows, a little three-day cold usually means weeks of chesty/wheezy ballache afterwards (figurative ballache, that is, not literal). So, yeah, I’m in the chesty/wheezy ballache phase. Fun, fun, fun. *Coughs up something interesting. Studies it.*

Our neighbour says it’s my fault for working ‘naked’ in the garden on Saturday. Never mind that I’ve had the cold since last Thursday and it was 17°C on Saturday when I was gardening, and I was in full-length dungarees and a t-shirt, not actually naked. But, to a Bulgarian, in March, I may as well have been naked.

When deciding what to wear, Bulgarians don’t look at the weather outside the window, they simply look at the calendar. Oh, it’s March, then I’d best wear my woollen skirt, thick jumper, fur-lined boots and coat. Doesn’t matter if it’s sunny and warm – if the calendar says March, you need to wear a jumper at least, preferably a coat, or face outrage. (Literal outrage, that is, not figurative.)

Anyway, I’m celebrating International Women’s Day (a big deal in Bulgaria, where people give small gifts to the important women in their life) by watching YouTube working in bed and receiving exciting gifts such as cups of tea and a regularly refilled hot water bottle. Hooray for women. And hot water bottles.


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