118. Christmas countdown

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Snow and ice on the village river

Number of times it has snowed since my last post: Dunno, lost count. Three? Four? It hasn’t snowed for three days, though, which makes a nice change.

Temperature this morning: -9°C. Brrrr.

Number of days without our big woodburner last week (due to an inconvenient hole appearing in the expansion tank): Two, which is obviously two days too many at this time of year. Again, brrrr.

Amount of money spent at Metro on Christmas food and booze: An unholy amount. Too gross to write down. Most of it on cheese.

Number of mince pies consumed: Three, which sounds quite good until I admit they were all in the same 24-hour period.

Christmas movies watched so far: While You Were Sleeping, Home Alone, The Shop Around the Corner, Meet Me in St Louis, Holiday Inn and White Christmas.

Number of hours spent listening to Christmas music: a very restrained six hours.

That reminds me, after my last post there was much discussion among Facebook friends as to their favourite Christmas movies. Let’s see if we can kick off the same thing with Christmas albums. Don’t be shy, I want to know your favourite Christmas albums, from the classy to the downright shameful.

Mine are, in order of how often I annoy Rob by playing them:

  • A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector
  • When My Heart Finds Christmas by Harry Connick Jr
  • Christmas with Nashville
  • Christmas Hits: 50 Festive Favourites, which includes Michael Bolton really *feeling* a vein-popping version of ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. Hilarious. Highly recommended.
  • The Best Christmas Album in the World … Ever·


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