114. Should’ve worn my dungarees

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Lordy, it’s been a while since I last wrote. Now, what have we been up to…

Claire 1 – 0 Goats

A herd of goats broke through our fence and trampled around our garden. ‘Help me,’ cried Rob, as he struggled to round them up (and I just stood there taking photos). ‘Er, how?’ I asked (when what I really meant was, ‘Er, they’re a bit smelly, can you just do it please?’). ‘HERD THEM!’ he shouted at me. Reader, it is the only time in my life someone has shouted the words ‘herd them’ at me. I’ve never herded anything before so I just did the first thing that came into my head: act like David Seaman in a penalty shootout – spread my legs, make myself really big, clap my hands. There’s a mental image you won’t forget in a hurry.


Right in the vegetable garden.



We’ve been drinking lots of White Russians lately. Weird.

10 more years

Our five-year lichni carti (ID/residency cards) ran out this month so we had to go to Sofia to renew them. I dread any interaction with Bulgarian bureaucracy but it all went surprisingly well. We’re very pleased to have been awarded (like an OBE) 10-year residency cards. But it wouldn’t be Bulgaria without an extra layer of unnecessary bureaucracy, would it? So, as well as updating our personal cards, we had to re-register my car so it matched the expiry date on my new card. As a consolation prize, we went for noodles at Wok to Walk and had salted caramel ice cream at Confetti. Ah, civilization.

Tomato? Tomato

Unbelievably, we still have some tomatoes ripening in the wonky polytunnel. THEY WILL NEVER DIE!!!

Looming plumbing emergency

I think there’s something dreadfully wrong with our plumbing. Sometimes when I flush the toilet, there’s an almighty gurgling sound coming from underneath the bath. Other times, it’s totally fine. I’m just trying not to think about it. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll go away on its own. That’s usually how these things work, right?

Ugly squash

We’ve harvested our butternut squash and, thanks to the big storm (with hailstones) this summer, they’ve all got huge scars and craters in them. Just look at this poor bastard.


And this one…


Undignified garden incident
I got stung in the butt crack by a wasp. True story. I knew I should have worn my dungarees…


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