102. Now you see them…

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Bulgarian life, Gardening bore | 0 comments

You know when you stare at a magic eye picture for ages and the image finally leaps out at you? That happened with our tomatoes this week. We were sure there weren’t any growing on the vines yet (very disappointed we were too), then we realised today there are tons happily growing away. No idea how we missed them – they’re rather obvious!

Magic eye tomatoes. (Or maybe we’re just a bit blind….)


We’re still enduring biblical rain. I know I’m prone to exaggerating (not fibbing, exaggerating), but I really do mean biblical rain. There’s a storm clattering outside right now, and I’m watching huge pools of water form on the veg beds. The poor courgettes look like islands in a lake. ‘Poor courgettes’ has become the catchphrase of the summer, by the way. Snails have destroyed three of my kale plants (nooooooooo!) and too many flowers to count. I feel like all I ever talk about is The Rain. I’m a rain bore.

On the plus side, The Rain mostly held off for our friends’ visit, bar one storm on the Friday afternoon. Highlights of our weekend with friends: drinking lots of gin/wine/beer in the garden, chasing stray chickens from the garden, drinking (again) in super-cool Hambara in Sofia, and placating the world’s most highly strung waitress. Good times.


Naughty little tinkers. And a chicken.


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