84. Work in progress

by | Dec 21, 2015 | House & renovations | 3 comments

Just a quick (and unusually chipper) update: the builders are making great progress and we’re thrilled with the work so far. They did half days for the first few days (finishing up another project I think) but have been here 9–5 every day since then. Three of the walls have already been covered with polystyrene and rendered. Now that the polystyrene has been covered up, I can look at the house again without wanting to have a little cry. And we’ve chosen a paint colour – we’re sticking with pink, although I lobbied hard for yellow – so I guess they’ll start painting any day now. And, quality of the work aside, my favourite thing is how they tidy up after themselves at 4.45pm every day.

There’s still a bloke at every window I look at but we’re all just getting on with it and pretending not to see each other. All in all, it’s not a total disaster. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Marvel at our polystyrene and bare render. Also marvel at how the scaffolding gets better the further along they get.



  1. Anonymous

    All your tears were worth it – it looks like a country villa!

    • Sharon Agnew

      I love your house ! Can’t wait to come back . It’s so cozy and it’s amazing how it’s Bn transformed . Thanks to Bob the Builder. ( plus the Bulgarian ones at the windows . ) . And yourself Claire . You’ve both made it really lovely xx

      • Auntie Bulgaria

        Thanks, Sharon. Hopefully you can come back soon!


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