73. Ten things we’ve eaten next door for breakfast

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Our neighbours are our surrogate Bulgarian parents. We love them, they make a big old fuss of us, and we have coffee with them most mornings. Trouble is, they are such feeders. If I should dare turn down a second slice of cake or pie, Svilen shouts at me and makes Rob eat something to compensate.

Also, we watched High Fidelity again last night* and it got me in the mood for making lists.

So, top ten things we have eaten next door for breakfast. In order of weirdness (whereby 1 is a perfectly normal thing to have with coffee at breakfast time, and 10 is really very weird indeed).


  1. Biscuits.
  2. Banitsa. A Bulgarian cheesy filo pastry pie. It’s amazing and perfect at any time of day, but common for breakfast.
  3. Melon.
  4. A hot crème caramel pudding. Much as I like puddings, there are certain things that shouldn’t be eaten before 9am. It’s an unwritten dessert-based watershed. Am I right?
  5. Mini jacket potatoes with feta cheese. These are delicious…but can I come back and eat them at 5pm?
  6. Sugary, cheesy pasta with croutons.
  7. Gruel. Actually not that weird…if you’re a Victorian urchin.
  8. BBQ ribs. See number 5.
  9. Chips and grapes.
  10. Yorkshire pudding.

*I heart John Cusack. In fact…bonus list: Top 5 John Cusack movies:

  1. High Fidelity.
  2. The Sure Thing.
  3. Grosse Pointe Blank.
  4. Say Anything.
  5. Con Air. And I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.


  1. Linda

    That #2 breakfast item sounds very good.

  2. Linda

    That #2 breakfast item sounds very good.


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