69. Three good things

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Bulgarian life, House & renovations | 0 comments

Some things that have made me happy lately…

Wardrobes. For 18 months I’ve been sharing one of those cheap clothes racks with Rob (you know, the things that very organised people take to car boot sales to hang their wares on). Some time ago we gave up putting stuff on actual hangers on the rail, and it became just a convenient bar on which to pile clothes at eye level. We had clothes under the bed, clothes in the spare room, clothes on chairs. Sometimes I would put something barely-worn and still perfectly clean in the washing bin, just so I didn’t have to find another place to put it. But now Rob has built me a wardrobe all of my own. It’s huge – basically a whole wall of the bedroom has been turned into a built-in wardrobe all for me. It’s so big, it’s in danger of turning into a ‘yo mamma’ joke. My wardrobe so BIG, I took a picture of it last week and it’s STILL printing.


I know, I know, it’s a lot of clothes. But almost all of them
are second hand.


Profiteroles. As in, I made them. My first time making anything with choux pastry and it was surprisingly easy. Piping in the cream was a bit fiddly – I’d never used a piping bag before – but otherwise it was okay. Note to self: I must not eat profiteroles every weekend, I must not eat profiteroles every weekend, I must not… Must. Not. Must. I must. I must eat profiteroles every weekend.

The Sopranos. We’re finally getting around to watching The Sopranos. It’s good. Really good. I’m not loving it as much as Breaking Bad, or the Wire. Or even, gulp, Merlin. But it is good. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I loved the BBC show Merlin. Loved. It. We were given season 1 recently and started watching it with some scepticism, then found ourselves watching season 2, then 3 and so on until we’d watched all the seasons and I was sobbing my eyes out at the ending. I still get a bit sad when I think there won’t be any more Merlin to watch. Sometimes, in moments of weakness, I find myself YouTubing videos of random interviews with the Merlin cast, bloopers, them at awards ceremonies, that sort of thing. I’m starting to worry about myself. Okay, so really this bullet point is about discovering and loving Merlin. Ahem. The Sopranos is alright, though.

So, to sum up, the things that make me happy are clothes, food and telly.

Oh dear.


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