27. January: The month in a nutshell

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I know, I know. I didn’t write anything for the whole of January. Bad blogger! I blame January sloth, pure and simple. It is a month where I can barely muster the energy to go to work. There just isn’t anything left in the brain tank when I get home. And let’s face it, January is a pretty good month for TV. Or it is in my world: new Glee, America’s Next Top Model, Bruce Parry and … Gypsy Weddings. I am easily distracted from my blogging duties. And there has been a lot of Quality Street to be getting on with.

Now, I emerge from my January hibernation and stare blinking at February 1st. It’s cold and raining. I contemplate just skipping February too – maybe I should retreat back under the duvet and hope for a better March? But I won’t do that because a) life is too short, b) I must seize the day and c) there are no more Quality Street left in my bedroom.

Must. Type. Must. Update. Blog.

So, not much happening with the house. We’re assuming it’s still there and in one piece. Our estate agent Max will keep an eye on it for us until we can next make it out to Bulgaria. That will probably not be until April or May. That’s fine, winter is not a good time to start renovations and we have limited funds right now. Since our trip in December all the deeds have been updated into our name (well, the company’s name) so it’s all official.

We’ve picked up the Bulgarian language studies again. We have invested in a new ‘Bulgarian Conversation’ CD and we’re getting on with that better than the previous book+CD combo. The intro music between every section is absolutely maddening but it’s otherwise good. This week we have learned the words for hot and cold (toppul and stoodenna), big and small (golyama and malka), just (samo) and of course (razbeera se). I can now ask for just a hot chocolate and a large bottle of mineral water – cold, of course! I really hope the CD has a construction or renovation section. The words for stairs, windows, septic tank and toilet would be useful to start with…

More details will follow about our renovation plans. I drew the kitchen floor plan on a post-it note today, which I think pretty much makes me a builder/architect’s nightmare. One of my colleagues suggested I splash out on some nice graph paper – the stuff with the little squares. Like, I was totally planning to do that. One step at a time though. It’s only February 1st after all.


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