18. Why Bulgaria?

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A lazy, list-based post today.

Reasons to move to Bulgaria:

  • Property is very cheap. Seriously, check out property prices on http://www.offbeatbulgaria.eu/.
  • It’s a really beautiful country with the Black Sea coast and dramatic mountains.
  • Less time working and more time for us. We can truly indulge our Good Life fantasies without worrying so much about money.
  • It’s only 3 hours from home (on a plane).
  • It’s in the EU but the currency is not the euro.
  • It borders beautiful Greece and Turkey, so we get a similar climate and food but without the higher property prices.
  • You can get a train from Sofia to Istanbul, one of our most favourite cities, for less than £20. Or, a 4-5 hour drive from our house and we could be sipping Retsina on the Greek coast.
  • Bulgarian wine is lovely.
  • We will have the time to do all those things we talk about but never actually do: writing, painting, learning a language (erm, compulsory), learning to play a musical instrument.
  • There are no chavs in Bulgaria.
  • No more listening to other people’s music on public transport.
  • Proper hot summers.
  • No more dreaming of white Christmases, we’ll be knee deep in snow!

Reasons not to move to Bulgaria:

  • The language. It’s just not coming easily to us!
  • It’s 3 hours from home (on a plane). I know ‘it’s only 3 hours from home’ was listed as one of the positives but, on homesick days, that will feel like a long way.

That’s it. I’m not brilliant at maths but I’m pretty sure the number of positives outweigh the negatives.


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