8. Claire and Rob name their Bulgarian limited company

by | Oct 15, 2010 | House & renovations | 0 comments

Our view, while we deliberated.


So, we have to come up with a name for our Bulgarian company (as foreigners, we have to register a company to purchase the house and its land). We have been advised to make the name pretty obscure to ensure it is not in use already. Frankly, with childish minds like ours, this is just asking for trouble. It’s not like you ever have to actually use the company name, we tell ourselves. We therefore quickly discount some sensible property-related names and get down to the funny ones.

After a couple of beers we come up with the following shortlist:

  • Bobert’s Farm
  • Double Rainbow Enterprises (readers, type ‘double rainbow’ into You Tube)

In the end we plump for a different name that we struggle to say with a straight face. Boris the lawyer will now prepare the paperwork ready for us to sign when we are in Sofia. Our company should then be up and running in about four weeks’ time.


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