We had our second COVID-19 vaccines last week and, boy, are we pleased with ourselves. We’re so grateful to have been vaccinated for free in Bulgaria – we would have gladly paid for the privilege – and to have both doses done so soon. (For the folks back home,...

Be more Blanche

Be more Blanche

We went back to the fabulous plant shop in Sofia last week. I mean, we were supposed to be in Sofia looking at ovens. (Our electric oven hasn’t worked for years and every time spring rolls around, when we no longer want to put the woodburner on just to cook...

April, is that really you?

April, is that really you?

My calendar, filthy liar that it is, is trying to convince me that it’s April. But that can’t be right, can it? How are we already a quarter of the way through 2021? How can time fly when none of us are having any fun? It doesn’t seem fair. As it’s April Fool’s...

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